Hell's Belles
Womens Motorcycle Club
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About Us

For Girls About To Ride We Salute You...

Questions we are frequently asked...

Q: Are you an MC or an MCC club?
  • None of the above, we are the only independent WMC in the UK.
Q: How do I join Hell’s Belles Women’s Motorcycle Club?
  • You have to be invited to join by one of our members, if you are interested in joining make sure that we are aware of your intention to join.
Q: What are the criteria for joining?
  • You must have a full UK motorcycle licence and have your own street legal motorcycle or trike.
Q: Can men join or get involved with the Hell’s Belles?
  •  No sorry, Hell's Belles WMC is strictly for females only.
Q: Why is there a witch riding a motorcycle on your backpatch?
  •     The original members who established the club are Pagan Witches.
Q: Do you have a clubhouse?
  •     YES!! We are very proud of our independent clubhouse where we like to either chill out or party.
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